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We are DesiVidesi

The Desi Videsi brand was conceptualized to bring the illustrious lost art of block printing by hand, once considered the pride of luxurious India, to the modern Indian consumer. The introduction of machines in the textile industry led to the standardization of printing and the mass production of clothing, which in turn had the side effect of pushing one of India’s finest and globally renowned printing techniques down a road of slow demise.

We at Desi Videsi are intent on saving and reviving this rich cultural heritage of India by employing the traditional hand block printing techniques on modern fabrics to suit the needs of the advancing Indian in this age of globalization. We employ specialized labourers, each with their own story to tell in the tale of India’s hand block printing art, to create practical clothing solutions that can be considered wearable art. We are bringing this luxury item to the common man, at reasonable prices, and delivered right to their doorstep through the magic of modern ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and our own DesiVidesi.in; creating the perfect harmony between the old and new India, between nostalgia and practicality.

- Team Desi Videsi