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A Long top generally of knee length paired with salwar /churidar and dupatta is what comprises of salwar kurti get up. The kurtis have been traditional attire since the ancient times in Asian countries like India , Pakistan and Sri lanka . Looking back at the early 19 th century the Kurtis gained popularity as several scholars and artist chose it as their wardrobe. The most common fabric used was cotton and then followed by silk which was mostly use for prestigious occasions. When we think of kurti , we actually of think comfort and style . This high comfort factor makes kurti loved by all. the Kurtis are a versatile piece of clothing that can be made in order to adapt any season or occasion. Especially in the Harsh summer the Kurtis become the first choice for the women of almost every age due to effortless style and comfort. Women wear kurtis with a fitted churidar or salwar for a traditional look or with jeans for an in do western look. When it comes to designs, fabrics and embellishment there are endless variety. They are available in all kind of styles ranging from short to long from hand printed ones to extremely designer ones. There is a kurta for every event. Short kurti look great with quarter sleeves or without any other pattern of sleeves. Designed to impress modern women as you, it speaks itself about your simple and sober styling sense when you step out after getting dressed in it. This mid-length kurti in cotton fabric provides you ease and keeps you feel refreshed all day long. If you are bored of wearing the same Kurtis do a bit experiment to get something unique . Wear a jacket on kurti to get a new and different look. When it comes to summer season, women in India are in a fix. They have to wear multiple layered sarees and Salwar Kameez with voluminous dupatta as they match wits at boardrooms with men. This is why these modern Indian women prefer wearing the simple yet Super Cool Kurtis. The best thing is that since the Kurtis is that they are loose and therefore does not need dupattas every time to cover up too. So, those who prefer the no-fuss clothing, they can as well pick up the Kurtis of their choice.

Why women love kurtis

As Indian we all know that we love to get good value for money and Kurtis fulfills this criteria perfectly . Say NO to sarees and lehengas and YES to kurtis as it is perfect for almost every occassion . You can Spice up your look from boring ethnic to modern from Traditional to Casual looks as these kurtis are available in all the styles . Kurtis are much easier to wear and handled as compared to Sarees and lehengas . In todays busy world where women dont Get much time to get ready managing the household chores and managing the worklife balance Kurtis are considered as a boon . Kurtis look good on every occassion and on every age group women whether your pursuing your study or your are a working house wife there is no sense of discrimination in wearing the kurtis . Kurtis are Easily available in India and some parts of Asia . You can easily search them on online market places as well as offline markets . They are even available in all the shapes and sizes you can easily find the perfect fit for you . Kurtis can be matched up with many types of accessories and shoes - including jewellery ,clutches and high heels and pump and wedges etc .